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4.6/5158 Reviews
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
✨[First glance when you enter the room] The room is split-level, downstairs is the living room, there is an oversized projector, and there are three rooms upstairs. 🙋[For the landlord, I want to say] The service is very good, and we can reply to our questions in time and give suggestions. The bedding was changed in time and was very clean. 💡[Small surprise for me by the homestay] There is an open-air platform outside the big bedroom on the second floor, where everyone can sit outside and drink tea and chat, which is very cozy. 📍[For the convenience of the surroundings, I want to say] The surrounding area is very convenient. There is a Hongqi chain supermarket downstairs and there is also a snack street. It is very convenient to walk to Taikoo Li and the subway. 🛏[Housing facilities, I must mention] It is recommended to have a few hooks in the bathroom on the outdoor terrace, which is convenient for placing clothes and towels. Although there is a shelf, it is not appropriate to put it together with shampoo and shower gel.
4.7/53 Reviews
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
The room and the picture are no different. During the summer vacation, I took my baby to Chengdu. The room has a 1.8 meter bed and a 1.5 tatami bed. Our family of three is very suitable. Don't worry about the baby falling under the bed! The configuration of the room is very complete, washing machine, refrigerator, stove (although it is not used), do not mention, there are hair conditioner, makeup remover cotton, makeup remover, cotton swabs, etc. for girls, change clothes can be dried on the balcony Let's talk about the location. After leaving the community, you can walk to the Chunxi Road subway station in a few minutes. The straight line distance is a few hundred meters. The subway station will go a hundred meters to Chunxi Road, IFS, Taikoo Li. There are also a lot of food nearby, skewers snacks and Chinese food are available, too convenient Will come again next time I have a chance
3.8/51149 Reviews
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
The room was very clean and the picture was large. The landlord’s lady responded quickly and solved any problems in time. The projector worked well, and the bed inside was very comfortable. That is, the bathroom is not separated from wet and dry. The bed in the living room is a bit hard with a sofa bed and there is a partition in the middle. But stayed there for a few days and it feels good overall.
5/549 Reviews
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
✨ [first look into the room] The graphics are consistent. 🙋 [For the landlord, I want to say] Thank you for your hospitality. 💡 [The homestay gives me a small surprise] Home away from home. 📍 [For the convenience around, I'd like to say] It's too convenient. 🛏 [Housing facilities I must mention] The water heater has a slightly smaller capacity.
4.5/5647 Reviews
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
Convenient location, one bedroom, one living room, one balcony, one kitchen and one bathroom, tired travel back to the temporary small home, peace of mind. Before I checked in, I was still embarrassed with children. After I checked in, I found that there were many children living in the community, and it was very safe. Chunxi Road subway station is a few minutes walk, it is convenient to go anywhere. It is also very convenient to eat and drink downstairs. Mainly a convenience. The supermarket is not far away. Will stay again next time
Poshpacker Flipflop Youth Hostel (Taikoo Li Chunxi Road Metro Station)
4.6/52493 Reviews
Chunxi Road Commercial Area
Fantastic location, very convenient. Rooms and hotel is a bit old and small (mattress is on the floor so can be hard to get out of) but very handy for a quick city break and very good value for money. Nice rooftop bar.

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